SoM is 100% non-profit and Seva work. All spiritual initiatives, including the online platform, will most likely be free or very low cost. The funding will come from teaching academics, donations, and internally run businesses (like, a Software Company).

Employee Salaries

All activities will primarily be run by volunteers. There will be some hired employees too. As per the current plan, once SoM is established, the full-time volunteers will get a basic salary. These salaries may not be comparable to for-profit Company salaries but the idea will be to cover the day-to-day financial needs of the volunteers and if possible, help them fulfil their duties towards their families, especially children. SoM may provide simple and clean living-quarters and good food for all living inside the premises, for free. Many steps will be taken to help the volunteers fulfill their financial needs for taking care of the education and upbringing costs of their children. Serious efforts will be made to make sure that the volunteers do not have to compromise on the quality of education of their kids just because they are volunteers. They should be able to give atleast that kind of academic education to their kids which they would have given if they were not part of SoM. This may be done by providing free education in SoM’s schools and colleges for full-time volunteers. But SoM’s schools and colleges can not be available everywhere, so in most cases, it will be relatively easier for females to work as full-time volunteers than for males, so that their husbands can do regular jobs while females work as full-time volunteers. Special provisions need to be made if both husband and wife want to work as full-time volunteers.

Will people want to volunteer full-time? Of course, if this work is done in the right way, many people from different backgrounds will be very willing to give their lives for this cause.


Academics is a great way to earn because it will not just help in generating funds, but it will also help in many other ways:

Thus academics will help SoM greatly in self-funding.

Software Development Services

SoM will have a development team of its own who will take projects from the clients and charge for the work. The same team may work on the development of the Life University platform.

Other Business ideas, like Digital Marketing, etc, can also be explored over time.

Cost-Reduction Methods

SoM may use many innovative ideas to keep the costs low. Read More

Donations, CSR and Grants

Donations, campaigns, CSR, and Grants will also be an important part of SoM.