Unity of All Religions

Spirituality on Mars will teach unity of all religions. Those who have experienced God, they say that all religions are good. Stories may differ, rituals may differ, beliefs may differ, words may differ but meanings are the same in a deeper sense. They differ only at superficial level. There is underlying unity between religions. Divinity experienced by spiritual practitioners of all religions are marked with same feelings of Joy, Love, Wisdom, and Peace.

When a Mohammedan mother loves her child, the child does not express hatred in return, he expresses love. When a christian father plays with his child, the child naturally expresses happiness.  What a child feels does not depend on his religion or country. It is the society and parents who train him to become a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian.

To reverse this mindset and teach unity of all religions, will require basic understanding of all religions and experiencing through meditation the one single divinity that exists in all religions.

Islam: Sana Khan - A Bollywood actress

Christianity: St. Therese of Lisieux's experience of Divine Union with Jesus Christ (Samadhi)