God's Bhandara

God’s Bhandara (Langar)

We all have heard of Bhandaras, also called Langars among Sikhs. These are events where devotees, out of devotion for God, serve free food to all at a large scale.

These events are not organized by one person but by many devotees in God’s name, for serving and feeding God’s devotees.

Many devotees are involved in cooking too.

Spirituality on Mars is God's Bhandara which will be run by devotees of God, in God's name, to serve the Spiritually Hungry, with God's help.

A bhandara satiates hunger of the hungry, SoM will satiate the hunger of the spiritually hungry. It will be run by devotees through and through, with the thought that they are doing it for God alone, not for the leader of the organization. Someone has to manage in the leading position, but God will be the main leader. In a bhandara, some devotees cook chapatis and some distribute those cooked chapatis to the people who are eating food.

The ones who cook are always hidden from the public but the bhandara can not run without them. Similarly, in SoM also there be devotees who will face many people, and there will also be many who will work behind the scenes as a software developer, a class teacher, as administrators, and workers in some departments. Even those who work behind the scenes are very important.

This can be thought of as a frontend and a backend of a website. For example, when we open Google.com, we see a simple page with a logo, a big search box and a few more things. When we enter a search term, a search is made on the servers of Google to generate the results and that is displayed on our screen. What we see on the screen is only the frontend of the website. But the real magic happens in the backend by many many servers that actually compute search results from huge volumes of data. That is the backend of Google. Similarly, only a few of the devotees may be in the front face of SoM facing the crowd of souls but a lot of things will be happening in the back side of SoM also, like, course preparations, curriculum designing, software development, and much much more.