In addition to Spirituality and Academics, SoM will also focus on many Life-Skills which are essential for wholistic development of children. Sine ancient times, goal of Spirituality has always been to bring out a whole individual who can earn and live happily in society alongwith pursuing his spiritual Goals.

All life-skills will be taught experientially, not from text books or lecture based methods. Project Based Learning or field trips may be a good way to teach these.

The following is a rough list of Life-Skills that SoM will focus on in most of the initiatives by SoM: SoM Schools, Online Life-university, etc. 


Here is a rough list of skills. More skills are likely to be added. You can also give your suggestions.

Social Skills

Understanding friendships

Handling criticism

Avoiding arguments

Turning negative social situations towards positivity

Understanding the opposite gender 

Male-female psychological differences

Understanding and Handling Difficult people

Protecting oneself from people who are difficult to get along (naggers, etc).

Sports & Physical Training

SoM will strongly encourage all kinds of sports: Football, Cricket, Volleyball, etc.

Goal will not be to compete with other colleges but SoM will make sure that every child is playing with interest and having enough physical activity. The best ones may compete with other institutes.

Yoga asanas and Physical Exercises will also be important and integral part of SoM.

Health Education

Special emphasis on Sports

Physical exercises

Hatha Yoga

Education about the body

First aid training

Sex education from Yogic and Scientific Points of view

Sex Transmutation

Divine laws of health

Understanding allopathy and basic medicines like Paracetamol


    Types of exercises: Gym, asanas, etc. Drawbacks?

Alternative methods of healing: 

Link between Mental & Physical Health

Yogic methods of healing

Thought and Affirmations healing


Importance of Herbs and nutrients



Diets & Fasting

    Music therapy

    and other methods

How to deal with common problems 




     Viral, bacterial & fungal infections




Depression, handling breakups


Cooking for health benefits

Junk food vs Right food

Organic food

Understand how to give an injection or a drip (not sure about this)

Handling physical pain and inflammation

Importance of Spine

Male Specific

    Sex education

Female Specific

Reproductive system & Pregnancy


Sex education

Financial Education

Money skills - handling money, budgeting, etc.

How to shop online (rural)

Using a bank account (rural)

Using Paytm, Google Pay & UPI apps (rural)


Active & Passive income 

Rich dad poor dad principles

Stock Market

How Companies work (IPO, Stocks, etc)

Types of Mutual Fund - Equity, Debt, etc.

Regular vs Direct Mutual Funds

Index Funds



Guaranteed plans

Rental income

Real Estate

Running Side Businesses


How to get

Types of Loans

Female specific

Women empowerment


Living in a male-dominated society

Laws of India and other countries related to females

Rural females: Protecting themselves mentally and physically from dominating partner

Nature skills

Taking care of plants and trees

Taking care of animals

Taking care of the environment



After College

Appearing for interviews

Selecting a life partner

Working with hands


Doing their own work

Household chores



Washing one’s own clothes

And a lot more

Basic Hygiene

Basic etiquettes

Time management

Being independent

Using GPS and maps (rural)

Using email and useful apps (rural)

Decision Making

Using public transport

Selecting a carrier path

Carpentry (not sure)

Getting along with all genders- all genders are equal


Understanding of the legal system

Basics of entrepreneurship

How to drive different types of vehicles

Riding a bicycle

Building construction (not sure)

Awareness of Govt. Systems

Practical awareness of the government’s & financial systems that everyone should be aware of:

Police stations

Visit to a police station

How they need to work as per law

Corruption in the system and how they actually work

How to bribe?


Visit to courts

How they need to work as per law

Putting a case against someone

Defending oneself

Hiring a lawyer

Types of cases: Criminal, Domestic, Divorce, etc

Corruption in the system and how they actually work

How much to pay as a bribe?

How to avoid disputes before going to court?

Lawyers and how to deal with them

Government and Private hospitals

Visit to such hospitals

How to find a good one

Insurance coverage & finding a insured hospital

Private vs Government

Drawback and benefits of each

Corruption problems in each

Target setting in big hospitals

Hospitals rely on insurance

Over subscription of tests, anti-biotics, etc.

How to select a doctor or a hospital in today’s world?

Laboratories and their types

Independent laboratories - Path labs, etc

How to find a good one?

Insurance systems

Types of Insurance

Term insurance

Medical insurance

Corporate insurance


How they are expected to operate?

How they actually operate?

Lands and properties

How to buy a land or a flat?

How to protect your property?

How to sell it?

How to get a good price?

How much do they cost?

How much does the cost vary as per the city or location in the city?

How to select a good flat or land?

Getting on rent vs buying a property