Online Community

One of the major drawback of online education as compared to offline school/university education is lack of communication between students and teachers.

Some of the children using GOLU may be in Russia, some in Europe, some in US, and some in India. Children and people improve in the company of like minded people. They want to see who else is living a life they themselves are living. When they interact they learn from each other. Interaction between spiritually like-minded children is essential for success of their spiritual life. 

With this in mind, many online community platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Slack, and others, were checked out. So far, a platform named ”Discord” seems to be the best choice. It has features of all the platforms just listed. It is similar to slack and MS Teams, but is more oriented towards youth and fun. The theme of Discord is dark and thus less acceptable for a spiritual community (but it can be changed by the user if he wants to change), but other than that, it is really suitable for this work.