Character measurement

This module will focus on Developing the 32 character qualities as per Character Growth Card approach. Child would be able to rate himself, the parents, teachers, friends and other acquaintances of the children will also be able to rate him after joining the platform.

The child will be able to select the traits he wants to focus on. If he does not want to focus on Devotion and Faith or anything related to faith in higher power, he would be able to skip that.

Depending on how the child is doing in each of the traits, he will be given suggestions on what exactly he needs to do to improve his character.

The rating is easily fakeable if the person giving the rating is not honest. But, as per the research in this field, so far this is the best way to rate.

Therefore, the rating is not for comparing with others. It is for self-comparision.

Additionally, the child will be able to see the ratings of the teachers, friends, parents and others, and see if it is too different from the rating which he gave himself. This method is followed in KIPP schools since years.