Auto-Measurement of Character

Can character be measured without the user spending anytime on rating themselves?

Regular manual measurement of character can be cumbersome. One solution is to find the character growth of the child automatically. 

Voice Analysis

Voice analysis of the child's voice can be done while he is interacting with others as he normally does. The Life-University app can take child's consent to record his voice for a specific duration of time (or for whole time) and analyse it through computer programs to know if there is aggression in it, does it reflect calmness, does he argue with others, does he mix up with aggressive or negative people, does he use respectful words, does he fight with others, and so on. His sleeping patterns detected through the devices he uses, can reveal if he is sleeping well. His facebook data, youtube and Google search history can be analysed (after consent) to know more about him and help him resolve his issues. His activity levels can assessed using phone or watch to know if he is enough physically active. If the device says that he is sitting for a long time on his desk, he can be recommended some stretching exercises. If he eats at fast food joints too often, he can be suggested ways to reduce his inclination towards fast food. 

Calmness Tracking

Another way to know more about him is to track his pulse, BP, etc, to know his levels of calmness. Some smart watches like FitBit keep track of skin temperature (continuous electrodermal activity sensor), and some Samsung watches do heart rate variability measurements to track stress levels and notify the user if stress is high so that user can do deep breathing. Our app will be able to communicate with the smart watch to get the sensor data and make suitable suggestion when the user is not calm enough. Or the smart watch will notify the user directly.

These smart watches can provide a great indicator about whether the child's mental state is healthy - is he angry, disturbed, anxious, stressed, tensed, happy, cheerful, resilient, and if he is meditating regularly, all these can be detected just by detecting his level of calmness (this assumption needs to be tested). In a larger sense, spirituality is all about staying calm. If we can just check the calmness level of the user to a certain level of accuracy, it may reveal a lot about his spiritual attainment. A yogi's natural level of calmness is much greater than that of a normal person and if variation in one's habitual level of calmness can be detected and notified to that user he can immediately take measures to bring his mind back to his prior state of calmness. Smart watches are already measuring calmness but their accuracy needs to be found out.

This does NOT mean that if we compare calmness levels of Narendra Modi and Obama, we can find out who is more spiritually enlightened. Checking calmness levels is of importance when we compare our own calmness level throughout the day with our own natural calmness level. If Narendra Modi is sipping tea and looks at his watch and finds out that he is not calm enough, compared to what he generally is, he can take measures like deep breathing or 5 minute meditation break to bring back the lost calmness. Of course, he would himself know when he is not calm, even if he is not wearing watch, but a numeric value calculated by a watch gives a more clear indication. Moreover, in case of children, this precise calmness level in form of a numeric value will have more significance. SoM mentor will also be able to check how well the student is doing overall just by checking his calmness graph. 

There is a famous quote: "What gets measured, gets improved." That is why measuring body weight has importance, even though one can see himself that he is becoming overweight.

Staying calm brings immense spiritual benefits and sense of happiness and well being. Deep calmness brings spiritual joy and you feel love for others. 

The calmness being mentioned here is not the calmness that comes by a good sleep, but a deep inner calmness that comes through meditation. Comparing normal calmness and spiritual calmness is like comparing a tubelight and sun. Therefore, first experiences of spiritual calmness are generally very unforgettable and pleasing. Gradually, you get used to it.

When the app detects lack of calmness or stress, it can recommend solutions to the user or in some prolonged cases of stress, the mentor can be notified and he can contact the child/youth and talk to him.