As per the plan, no particular person will be looked upon as the creator or founder of this work. Everyone will be a contributor and will do their part of the work while staying devoted to God and the Great ones. Some will also be in the leading positions, but no one will have complete authority on the Organization. 

One or multiple people will probably have to take responsibility for managing and running things as per the divine will, but the focus will always be on the divine. Someone may be appointed as the “semi-lead” of the organization. Here, the term “semi-lead”, stands for someone who is not having the complete authority that a typical leader of an organization has, but at the same time, he is taking the responsibilities of leading and coordinating everything in all projects. 

When SoM becomes more established and has a building of its own, there may be a Director’s or President's office. That office will consist of a big statue of a spiritual figure, like say, Lord Krishna or someone else. (Whose statue will it be? That can't be talked about right now.) That spiritual figure will be seen as the head of the institute in the sense that everyone will be dedicating their lives and working with devotion, for him, not for the person who is the leader of the work on paper. Having a director’s office dedicated to Him will send a strong mental signal to everyone that it is for Him that everyone from top to bottom of the organization would be working towards the common Mission. This is how generally the greatest Spiritual Organizations are run, not for a Human being, but for the Divine. Even when they focus on a Sage, they actually are focusing on the Divine one who is fully manifested in the Sage. 

Those working in SoM will not be focused on a single living person. The authority & responsibility to run the organization may be assigned partially to a single person, but the organization will be the responsibility of many. Just like a palanquin (palki) is supported by many shoulders, SoM will also be supported by the strong responsible shoulders of multiple exceptional devotees who would be ready to take tons of weight using God's strength in them.

SoM's Board of Members

SoM's Board of Members will have a major role to play in the decision-making process. It will not be the leader of the organization alone who would make decisions. Instead, Board will have a lot of power to decide how the organization would run. In fact, in an extreme situation, if the majority of the Board thinks that the leader (also called 'semi-lead') is not doing his job correctly, they will be able to remove him from his post (after following a protocol) and appoint someone else for that work. The leader will not be able to make any major decisions for the organization without getting a sanction from the Board. This is done to ensure that no single person has too much authority on the organization. This is collaborative work, which will be done in collaboration with many devotees. In fact, this work belongs not just to the board, this work belongs to all of God's devotees committed to this work to serve their larger Self.

Whatever is written on this whole website, is not what I think SoM should do, but this is what I think the Divine would want SoM to do.