Love & Discipline Children

Children WILL BE allowed to make mistakes

Children and Youth will not be forbidden from making mistakes of any kind, whether they are living at their homes and using the Online Life-University Platform, or they are living in SoM’s ashram-like modern schools or colleges. They may have all kinds of habits, desires, and addictions but they all will be welcomed, as long as they sincerely want to improve themselves and are honest about their shortcomings.

They will be taught and encouraged to transmute, not suppress, their sense habits and desires to higher spiritual energy for finding a higher level of happiness. As long as someone is striving for self-improvement, he will be qualified to stay and be a part of SoM’s institutes.

The primary thing required from everyone would be “Honesty”. Children and teachers alike would be expected to keep their supervisors aware of their digression from the rules and vows, so that they, along with the help of their supervisor can plan how to improve. At least this is the current plan.

Once, a Swami ji made an impressive remark, “Sex is fake Samadhi”. 

What is Samadhi? In simple terms, we can say that it is a very deep state of meditation in which the meditator becomes deeply united to the Divine, at least for some time, and feels deep peace, love, and bliss. It is a state that even some serious meditators spend decades longing for.

The statement made by Swamiji means that the pleasures one derives from the Physical union is much less than the joy experienced in a high spiritual state of consciousness in which a devotee deeply connects with the blissful and the most lovable Divine. Those who have experienced this state would know what it is like to experience that unity with the Divine, and can it really be compared with any physical pleasure? Even that Samadhi-like state of blissful and deeply loving Divine unity does not last forever unless one reaches the ultimate level of spiritual advancement. But with constant spiritual effort one can reach the state of samadhi again and again. It all depends on one's efforts in meditation year after year, life after life.

Spiritual joys are indeed more joy-giving than human pleasures. But it takes a lot of years and efforts to reach that state of realization in which joy, love, contentment, and happiness become so fulfilling and strong that one feels more interested in Spiritual joys than Physical pleasures. For some, this level of spiritual evolution is attained quickly because of past life efforts on the spiritual path. For most of us, it happens over-time so we get detached from simple pleasures of life little-by-little over the years and decades of daily sincere spiritual practise. Having said that, no one is 100% above the sorrows, pleasures and temptations of life, unless one has attained 100% unity with the Divine like Ramakrishna, Yogananda, or Vivekanda attained.